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First Evangelical Lutheran Church and School ~ Missouri Synod
Glencoe, MN  //  //  Facebook: Church  //  Facebook: School

925 13th St. E., Glencoe, MN 55336
CHURCH: 320-864-5522  //
Senior Pastor: Daniel Welch
          320-864-2753  //
Visitation Pastor: Ronald Mathison 320-864-5616
DCE: Tori Kidd 320-854-1204  //
COMMON CUP: 320-864-5511
PRAYER CHAIN: 320-864-3892 or 320-238-2148
1015 E. 14th St., Glencoe, MN 55336
SCHOOL: 320-864-3317
Principal: Dean Scheele
          952-250-1149  // 

“Sharing Christ, Changing Lives

He is Risen! He is Risen, Indeed! Alleluia!
The church season of Easter continues. As Jesus proclaimed victory over the grace, we pray that the Lord would also bless His Word wherever it is proclaimed. May He make it a Word of power and peace to convert those not yet His own and to confirm those who have come to saving faith. May He keep us all in that saving faith until the day He comes to restore us and all creation forevermore.
Visitors, please fill out a welcome card found in the cardholder slots in your pew.
 Tear off the top portion to keep, and place the bottom portion in the offering plate.
Members, please use these cards only to notify the Church Office of any changes or needs.
April 30, 2017
Third Sunday of Easter / Confirmation Sunday

ORDER OF SERVICE: Divine Service, Setting 3, Page 184

HYMNS: 8:00 AM  #483, 476, 689, 922
             10:30 AM   #837, 483, 689,
                                (637, 588, 722, 476, 919), 922
SERMON  “Hearts on Fire”
                   Luke 24:13-35  ~Pastor Dan Welch
    First Lesson: Acts 2: 14a, 36-41
    Epistle Lesson: 1 Peter 1:17-25 (omit at 10:30)
    Gospel Lesson: Luke 24:13-35
CABLE TV, CHANNEL 10: Wednesdays 6:30 PM                                                           Fridays 5:30 PM

Thank you for Serving:

ORGANIST:  Rick Grieger

8:00 AM – Dave Uecker, Jerry Strobel
10:30 AM – James Mathews, Brian Witte,
                     Dave Uecker
8:00 AM – Cassidy Rislund, Margaret Schuft
10:30 AM – Kyle Hagen, Jordan Mickolichek,
                     Beau Christensen
    8:00 AM “Beautiful Savior”
      ~Sunday School Choir (Preschool to Grade 2)
   10:30 AM   “Stay with Us”
                       ~Sunday School Choir (Grades 3-8)
We are saved by faith alone, but the faith that saves is never alone.” ~Martin Luther.
COMMUNION SIGN-UP BINDERS IN THE PEWS: Please sign up for communion only in the blue binders.
FELLOWSHIP TIME TODAY:  Please join us in the Fellowship Center today at 9:15 AM for fellowship and refreshments:
          April 30 – Day School Board                                    May 21 – Deacons Board
          May 6 – Evangelism Board                                       May 28 (Memorial Weekend) – OPEN
          May 14 – Christian Ed Board
-- The family of Caroline Vogt, whose funeral will be here on Monday. Blessed are those die in the Lord.
-- Those hospitalized: Ernie Breyer, Harold Kunkel, Del Rutske
-- Continuous prayers for: Linda Bargmann, Lora Beneke, Mary Husberg, Alex Martin, Donna Schade, Helen Suttles,  
   Marilyn Templin, Kathy Terlinden                    
-- Pastor Peter Adelsen, the new assistant pastor, and his wife Melissa who will be coming to First Lutheran this summer!
We welcome Pastor Adelsen as a new shepherd to our flock!
ADULT BIBLE CLASS TODAY:  Please join us in the Fellowship Center from 9:15 – 10:15 AM. We are continuing our overview of the Book of Job to see how Job dealt with the losses in his life and how we can apply the lessons of Job to ourselves today and with the hardships we may endure.
                                                                                This Week at First Lutheran
Sun., April 30    8:00 AM Divine Service 
                           9:00 AM – Fellowship Time (Day School Board)
                           9:15 AM – Sunday Bible Classes
                           9:30 AM – KDUZ Radio Broadcast (Lester & LaNaye Schauer)
Confirmation   10:30 AM – Divine Service with Communion
Mon., May 1      7:00 PM – Trustees Board (change)
                           6:30 PM – LWML Executive Board
                           7:00 PM – LWML
Tue., May 2       9:30 AM – Bible Study
                           1:00 PM – Staff Meeting
                           6:00 PM – Evangelism Board
                           7:00 PM – Stewardship Board
                           7:00 PM – Day School Board
                           7:00 PM – The Men’s Network here at First Lutheran (change)
Wed., May 3     3:15 PM – Christ Chimes  
                           3:30 PM to 4:45 PM – 5th Grade Public School Confirmation Party
                           6:00 PM – Gospel Ringers
                           7:00 PM – FLS Fine Arts Festival
Thu., May 4      8:10 AM – FLS Chapel (Pastor Dan Welch)
                           7:00 PM – Christian Education Board
                           7:00 PM – Deacons Board
Fri., May 5         FLS Track Meet Day   
Sat., May 6       10:00 AM to 3:00 PM – “Seasons of Quilting” Quilt Show
Sun., May 7       8:00 AM Divine Service with Communion (Both Handbell Choirs Play)
                           9:00 AM – Fellowship Time (Evangelism Board)
                           9:15 AM – Sunday Bible Classes
                           10:30 AM – Divine Service  


SUNDAY SCHOOL CHOIRS SING TODAY:  The Sunday School Choirs sing today during the 8:00 a.m. service. Children in Preschool to Grade 2 may sit with their families and come forward before the Children’s Message to sing “Beautiful Savior.” Children Grades 3 – 8 will meet in the balcony to sing “Stay with Us” during the offering.

JUNIOR CONFIRMATION: Confirmation today, April 30 at 10:30 AM. May God keep you always in the one true faith!

NOTES FOR HOLY COMMUNION TODAY: (at the 10:30 service) The Confirmands will go first as a class and the congregation will follow in a continuous line. To receive Communion, please hold your hand out for the wafer. For the wine, please receive the cup from the tray offered. The glasses are plastic, so please handle carefully. Glasses may be returned to the basket in the side aisle. “Non” alcoholic wine is available for those who do not drink wine for health reasons. These are the lighter-collared cups in the center of the wine tray. If you have questions, please see a deacon.

FLOWERS TODAY: Special flowers today are placed in honor of the Confirmands.

COMMUNION SIGN-IN BINDERS IN THE PEWS: Please sign in for communion only in the blue binders.

TODAY’S RADIO BROADCAST: The broadcast today is sponsored by Lester and LaNaye Schauer, in memory Vanna Wolff.

ADULT BIBLE STUDY:  Please join us for our new adult Bible Study! It’s called “Reaching the Summit and Holding on to Hope: 1 Corinthians 15 and the Resurrection.” In this section of God’s Word, we learn so much of the great hope we have because our Lord Jesus conquered death for us. Today’s topic topic is titled “Now and Then but Still One Harvest,” based on 1 Cor. 15:12-28. Here the Resurrection is compared to a Great Harvest. Jesus is the first fruits that guarantee the rest of the harvest to come. The “harvest” began with Christ’s resurrection and will end when Christ comes back again for the fulfillment of the resurrection. Please join us next Sun., May 7 at 9:15 AM as we continue our study with the topic “The Body Now and the Body to Be” based on 1 Cor. 15:29-50.

This Week at First Lutheran

LWML MEETS THIS MONDAY:  LWML will meet Mon., May 1 for devotions, Bible study, refreshments and fellowship. All ladies of the congregation are welcomed.

THE MEN’S NETWORK BIBLE STUDY: On Tue., May 2 from 7-8 PM, The Men’s Network will meet at First Lutheran in a continuing a discussion of Martin Luther’s Table of Duties, our Christian duties and responsibilities. Please note that we will be meeting at First Lutheran (not at St. John Lutheran in Plato).

Call Process Update

On Wednesday evening, April 26 at the Call Service at Concordia Seminary St. Louis, MO, First Ev. Lutheran was assigned a candidate who will become our new Assistant Pastor! His name is Peter Adelsen. He is from Kokomo, Indiana. He and his wife Melissa have been married for three years. We look forward to welcoming them to First Lutheran this summer! Please keep them in your prayers.

Thank You’s

WEDNESDAY NIGHT ORAL REVIEW: Thank you to the seventh grade parents and students who donated bars and served refreshments.  Special thank you to Annette Bernstein for coordinating refreshments and volunteers.

GLENCOE EXPO:  Thank you to everyone who helped with the Glencoe Expo!  Thank you, especially, to the FLS students who helped make decorations for the booth, adults who attended the book, & to those who provided donations.

YOUTH SERVING EASTER BREAKFAST:  Thank you to everyone who helped with preparing, serving, cleaning-up, and donating for the Easter Breakfast. Thank you, also, for attending the breakfast and for your support of the Youth Group here at First Lutheran!  Proceeds are going towards the NYG National Youth Gathering trip in 2019 to Minneapolis.


THRIVENT CHOICE DOLLARS: This month we received $5653! (FLS-$2631 and FLC-$3022). Thrivent members:

Please check your account and direct your Choice Dollars at or call 800-847-4836. If you would like assistance, please ask at the church office. Thank you.

TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME! Tickets for Lutheran Night at MN Twins are reserved for Tue., Aug 8, 7 PM game against Milwaukee. Cost is $34 per ticket plus bus transport (leave Glencoe at 4:30 PM). Ask for details if you would like to sing the National Anthem in the All-Lutheran Choir. Contact Cindy to reserve your spot at 238-2148.


GRADUATION Members of the congregation are cordially invited to attend the FLS 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony on Wed., May 17 at 7 PM in the church sanctuary. This is a regular church service in which the eighth graders are honored for their successful completion of their lower elementary grades at FLS.  God’s blessings to the FLS and public school eighth graders as they complete this milestone in their lives and move on to high school next year.

FELLOWSHIP TIME OPEN: We have an open slot for serving during Fellowship Time. Sun., May 28 (Memorial Day Weekend) is still available if your organization or a group of individuals is interested in providing the refreshments.

QUARTERLY VOTERS MEETING: Please plan to attend on Tue., May 30 at 6:30 PM. Come, see what’s going on in your church! Agenda packets will be made available next month.

PRICE OF POPCORN POPPED TO A NEW LOWER PRICE! There are seven white ruby for $3 a piece!

From the Community

COMMON CUP MINISTRY: Common Cup Ministry is in need of volunteers that can assist in a variety of ways. Information is available upon request. Immediate needs are "Thrift Store" volunteers, on-call volunteer, and food program volunteers. Call Bev at 320-234-8344. The store is open Tue. – Fri. at 712 11th Street E. Donations accepted. Thank you!

PORK CHOP DINNER: You are invited to St. John’s, Winsted, today, Sun., April 30 from 11 AM – 1 PM for a pork chip dinner. Free will offering. Take-out’s available. Thrivent sponsored event for Camp Omega, projector, and LED Lighting.

“SEASONS OF QUILTING” QUILT SHOW: The show will feature quilters from the Glencoe area, past and present. It will be on Sat., May 6 from 10 AM – 3 PM here at First Lutheran. There is a $6 Admission. This event is presented by the Glencoe Historic Preservation Society. Proceeds are used to fund historic restoration and preservation.

ANGEL SEEDS:  The April-June Angel Seeds will be given to Mayer Lutheran students attending the 2017-2018 mission trip to Yselta Lutheran Mission in El Paso, Texas.

COMMUNION POLICY: We believe that the Lord’s Supper is a Sacrament in which Christ’s Body and Blood are given in and with the bread and wine for the forgiveness of sins (Matt. 26:26-28). When we receive Holy Communion at a church, we show that we agree with the faith that is taught there (1 Cor. 10:14-18). St. Paul cautions us about receiving the Body and Blood of Christ in an unworthy manner (1 Cor. 11:27-29). Therefore, we invite to Holy Communion those who have received instruction in the teachings of the Lutheran Church and who agree with the confession of faith as taught in the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. If you are not a member of an LCMS church, we kindly ask that you speak to one of the pastors first. Thank you.

2017 Confirmation Class

Students:                                                Parents:
Kobe Todd Helmut Boozikee              Kevin & Sherri Boozikee
Quin Riley Busse                                   Scott & Denise Busse
Devin John Chalupsky                          Peter & Christina Teubert
Mason Wade Dietel                              Eric & Kimberly Dietel
Lincoln Reid Dummer                          Brandon & Autumn Dummer
Russel Austin Charles Exsted              Russell Exsted
Breann Kay Goff                                    Brian & Jennifer Goff
Jordon Orvin Grack                               Theresa Grack
Bethany Dawn Hagen                           Kevin & Dawn Hagen
Mikayla Mae Husted                             Darcy & Sheila Husted
Lillian Marie Krueger                            Troy Krueger, Cecily Smoldt
Katelyn Jean Lemke                               Paul & Amy Lemke
Grace Evelyn Litzau                               Scott & Cynthia Litzau
Emma Molly Malz                                   Bryan & Angela Malz
Blake Alexander Mickolichek               Bryan & Brittany Mickolichek
Ashley Rosemarie Radke                      Doug & Judith Radke
Dylan Michael Richards                        Jesse & Stacy Richards
Haley Marie Schultz                              Tabetha Winkelman, Ryan Schultz
Norique Marie Stuewe                         Chad & Betsy Stuewe
Lauren Kaye Terlinden                         Kraig Terlinden, Lucy Terlinden
Sophia Mumm Touailat                        Sheryl Mumm-Touailat

Measure of Our Stewardship

FISCAL YEAR:  Jul 1, 2016 – Apr. 29, 2017   (44 of 52 wks)                                         Attendance 04/23/17 - 04/29/17
                                                                                                                                                               Sunday Worship: 367
General Fund (only) Receipts:                               $961,600.22                                                                Communed: 98
Expenses (General Fund only):                               983,293.16                                                                          Visitors: 3
Abundance or (Shortfall) to Date                          ($21,692.94)                                                           Sunday School: 31
                                                                                                                                                             Sunday Adult Class: 50
GENERAL FUND INDEBTEDNESS:      ($197,404.38) ***
             ***includes $16,000 from our line of credit at 4.65%
DEBT REDUCTION Receipts: Jul. 1, 2016 – Apr. 29, 2017
     Total Receipts to Date:        $38,279.88